We are happy that you visited our homepage. Hope you find every useful information you may need to make the right decision. The strength of our company is to create and maintain personal and corporate identity corporate profiles. Of course we are at your disposal in performing other, simpler jobs, what is more, we encourage you to test our creativity. In case you just like to know our opinion about your present image, feel free to ask. We try to be objective and illustrate our opinion through examples. Turn to us with confidence. Enjoy browsing our homepage!


Every week we share with you – right here on our main page – some of our references. Our goal is nothing else but to give you an instant taste of our work. Of course by clicking on the menu item “portfolio” you can view all of our jobs.


We do our best to offer perfect service to our customers on the every possible area. Our motto is that in order to be integral and effective, graphic image should be in one hand! We developed our portfolio bearing all this in mind. We offer to everyone our entrant-level graphic services: DESIGN: When confidence is already mutual and future plans seem to become clear, that’s when we can start working together seriously: BRANDING: we can further improve all this by sharing the strategic skills of our partners with our customers. That’s how we show our confidence to all of our customers: DECORATION.


We offer our entrant-level portfolio to all who would like to enrich their profiles with a both high-level and creative design. Try us. Commission ITYU II ART and we promise you will not be disappointed. Our solutions are unique and personal in each and every case. Some examples of what we can help you:

Designing a unique logo the way you like it Visit cards, letter-papers, envelops, dossiers Websites, landing pages (landing page)
One or several page flyers, regardless size Several page creative catalogues Posters and bill-boards Unique illustrations to roll-ups and other marketing carrier tools Product packing design Stickers, to almost every kind of carriers


Our main and most responsible profile is creating profiles. We do not leave nothing to chance consequently we are forced to break many rules. The only reason is that we constantly searching the most adequate and most unique solution. We do not believe that – watching the competition –, we should create another clone. It makes absolutely no sense. This is not our way and that is the reason our customers are not average customers as well. We are proud to have creative clientage of innovative thinking. We enjoy this and we would be happy if you joined our creative clients.

We create profiles not for a single year! We strive to create ones that pass the test of time. As minimum limit, we determined 5 years, but if the deadline expires it doesn’t mean that we completely redesign our client’s profile. No, as rebranding a company would take too much time and money. In addition, to become well-known is far more important and complex for a brand which in our days is of paramount importance to observe. Of as in every area there are exceptions, but our clients are aware of this fact as well. We always examine the given profile, the stage it stands and we adjust it if necessary in accordance with the requirements of present times.


Thanks to our cooperating partners, corporate profile is already more than used to be. We are able to forward our illustration plans to our clients, but a homepage can appear in online media as our client wishes to or as we have dreamt it. Actually, that is how corporate profile becomes complete. And the feeling when a well-done logo appears – let’s say on the wall of a corporate headquarters – that is fits completely into their profile is indescribable. The same can be said about photographing an office, as well as designing a space. The result always speaks for itself. Mission completed! Below we give some tips what else we can help you in:

Designing and manufacturing unique sign-boards  Based on design plans shaping the interior of offices (wall tattooing, foam letters, wall painting, mounting different metal/plastic plates on doors and cabinets)  Designing and manufacturing of ISOframe and POP Up stands even until assembly   Complete furnishing of offices to the last revolving chair which appears in the colors or with the logo of the client.   Applying individually illustrated foils on vehicles  Portrait, object and creative photography